If you’re really really really really ridiculously good-looking like I am, you’ll know that orange mocha frapuccino’s  are out and SNAP is in. SNAP opened last Thursday and I made over $1,000 on it. Starting bid was 23.50 and it went up to $26.04. Friday it rose to over $29 and came back down to $27.

Today I wrote a “eugoogley” because it dropped to 23.77, below the start price last Thursday. What…… you didn’t think I knew what a “eugoogley” was? Cut me a break or give me skin, but i’m not your brah, okay?

Check it! Tomorrow or the next day, SNAP is going to soar like an eagle. Probably not to the high of 27 or 29, but pretty high. If you have time and enter while going up, exit while going down, you stand to make a few hundy. Don’t hold it for days and watch the 5min chart. Now go and “KILL THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA!”

Disclaimer: I am not your finance guy. When I say “you” I am talking to myself. These are notes for me to review. Liability hath not impactus on I. This is for humor and hilarity purposes. Please do not do anything I say. If you do and win and you wanted to get me a really awesome gift like chocolate or a Dodge Charter, hit me up. If you lose, tax write-offs still make you a smaller winner. But chin up and keep going. You got this. Who am I talking to? Oh ya, me. What?