Up up down down left right left right B A start! The raging 7 year-old invigorated player that demanded to defeat Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System. They are back and bigger than ever! The NES classic console has sold out within ZERO minutes online, and within 10 minutes at stores. Nintendo has left people hanging and they are shipping more world-wide. Hackers have already cracked the NES so it can now support hundreds of games as well as SNES and other console games. The price? $59.95.

Nintendo has also provided the next visionary console called Switch. It has revolutionized gaming by converting it to tablet, docking-station to TV, and allow multiplayer with the slide-out remote controls. The price? $300. Online and stores sold out the first day. You could not find a console or a game of any kind. With the recent dips in share price of NTDOY, I bought in on Thursday. and suffered a 3% loss only to gain 6% back before selling. With the consistent demand not keeping up with supply, Nintendo is going to make a fortune in quarterly earnings for the next year or so. As with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has saved its ass! And I will be back on Monday to reap the rewards. Continue to watch NTDOY .